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Queen climbing up some stairs

Queen before shedding their wings

Queens are the most important class of ants. They're the only class among all ants that can lay eggs, which acts as spawns for other ants. The queen’s main role is to simply lay eggs and provide spawns for other people, as well as commanding (mostly) the colony. However, the queen is also rather high on health and can go out to lead raids if the risk of it dying is low.


The cost of a queen depends on how you get it. The way you can get it for free is by spawning in from the lobby. You have to click faster than other people when the queen dies to get it. The other way is to use 100 protein (for Carpenter and Fire Ants) or 50 protein (for Yellow Crazy Ants) to get Alate and when the queen dies, a random alate in the colony will instantly become the new queen. Spamming E as a larvae is also a way players tell others you are an alate so they can feed you. Saying @late works the same.

Leading & Commanding[]

When you're the queen, you must do everything so your colony can to live. Your life is very precious. If you want to raid, always lay a couple eggs. Super Majors, Soldiers(basically another name for Majors) or Alates have to be included in the new batch of Larvae. If you underestimate the enemy and bring too little ants for the fight, there's always a high chance you and your colony will be wiped out. You can press Q on PC to open the queen menu and make an announcement, which is very important for communication. If you're on mobile, you'll have to wait for the mobile update to come out.

Becoming Queen[]

When a Queen ant dies, an Alate can take over the throne by spamming E or saying @late, but since there might be other Alates in your colony, there isn't a 100% chance you will get it. If there is no available alate, the player who clicks fast enough spawns as the new queen. Queens who have spawned via the lobby have wings so they can travel to old nests, or spots suitable for living.


While being a queen makes you think your a ruler now, there is a bad news, if you just kill larvae bugs without laying a single egg or leave your precious larvae children, this can hurt your reputation believing your just protein farming, so try avoiding it. Also when founding a colony, you should lay less than 4 eggs since 4 eggs or less is easier to manage without larvae complaining they want food.


  • According to the April 12, 2018 prototype of Ant Life 2, Queens were originally going to be named Super Alates, but was then changed in Ant Life 1 and Ant Life 2
  • Only ant caste to only have 1 player as a queen ant per team
  • Only ant caste to be the first existing in a colony
  • Strongest ant caste when it has no wings.Only ant caste that can spawn with wings that can be broken off

Queens per team[]

Carpenter ant: 1

Fire ant: 1

YCA: 1 (will get 2 queens after the update releases)